Luxurious Boating and Sailing in Florida

How You Can Live in Luxury On the Water

As the hurricane season approaches, there is a little break from boating and sailing in Florida. At some point, these storms will slow down and it will be water season once again in sunny FL. The one thing we all dream about is getting to the water and enjoying the beautiful, peaceful ocean that our amazing state has to offer.

What if we told you that it’s absolutely possible to enjoy the water on a boat, cruise, yacht or sail boat almost all year around? That’s the opportunity that Florida presents, and you can be well on your way, after hurricane season of course, to getting on that water and enjoying yourself.

Luxury Yachts (Rentals and Charters)

Depending on where you are headed for your next water experience, you can do one of two options. You can do yacht rentals, or luxury Florida yacht charters. Prime time boats call for luxurious measures! This is a time where you can bring the family out on the boat for a few hours, or cruise from Florida to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Either way, you’ll want to get a captain and crew and plan out that trip so there’s no wasted time.
Usually, there are companies that help with the entire process. It all depends on which company it is, and if they value customer service. Be careful hiring a yacht broker that doesn’t pick up their phone, doesn’t speak English very well or doesn’t ask you caring questions. Remember, this is your trip, your vacation, and you deserve the best service.

Cruise Ships and Sight Seeing

We decided to group these two categories together because they almost go hand in hand. Yes, there are luxury cruise ships that have casinos on them, fine dining and all of that good stuff that you see on Titanic. However, there are also cruise ships that are specifically meant for seeing the beautiful views of the coast. Anyone can go on these cruise ships and find themselves on the ride of their life. Big crews and friendly service is the name of the game here. In addition, you’ll be able to relax in comfort as there is plenty of space, and enjoy the breathtaking sights this wonderful state has to offer.

Come Sail Away With All of Us

Sailing is one of the most fun, exhilarating and exciting experiences you can encounter in all of life. When you mix that with a little style of luxury, you’re in for a real nice treat. It takes massive amounts of experience and practice to be able to sail a big sail boat. You can learn how to sail by taking lessons. However, when you have a team working together and you do it right, there is actually more relaxing time than working time. Let that boat sail! Sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the wind blowing your hair.

Live it up in Florida

We can’t stress this statement enough. If you’re going to visit FL, come down here and live it up. Bring the energy, enjoy every minute and live in the moment. We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Our Beautiful Water in Florida

When we talk about our beautiful water in Florida, we really mean it. Why? Well, simply because we grew up here. That’s right! Born and raised, and proud of it. The one thing that’s awesome about Florida is the Ocean and playing in the water with BIG toys.

What Are Big Toys?

In simple terms, BIG toys are Boats, Yachts, Jet Skis, Water Skis, Sailboats and anything else that you can play around with on or in the water! We love riding yachts and touring different parts of Florida, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Sarasota.

We can’t wait to share more information with you as we continue to keep notes on our journey out in the water of our beautiful Earth. Come back soon, because we are documenting EVERYTHING!